About the Association of Retired Americans

The Association of Retired Americans (ARA) is a national not for profit membership organization. Established in 1974 the Association is an Indiana Corporation and has a Federal IRS designation as a 501(c)8 corporation.

For 5 decades, The Association of Retired Americans has provided valuable service to Senior Americans. Today, our programs are more timely and necessary than ever before.

Welcome to ARA and the personal service we provide you!
— Ken Smith

Our Goals

To alleviate the economic distress of retired Americans.

To disseminate information, educate and instruct Americans age 45 plus and the general public about special issues facing retired Americans, particularly with respect to issues such as health care, housing and economic security

To conduct, support and improve educational programs, studies and research that address special health, housing and economic needs of all Americans

To encourage all Americans to actively participate in and contribute to charitable, religious and educational activities in their communities.

ARA Board of Directors

Ken Smith

President and CEO

RIchard Dellinger


Fritz Brauer


Graphic design


Andrea White

Asst. Secretary

Kim Walden


Helping to meet the health care and economic challenges of all americans


  • (317)-915-2500
  • ara@ara-usa.org